Astrid is a fashion editor that’s known for bringing an elegant yet whimsical editor’s eye to the set. She has an eye for color and loves putting elements together that make an image stand out. Her work is feminine without losing the edge. Astrid works as a contributing fashion editor for Harper’s Bazaar (NL) and worked as a freelance stylist for magazines like ELLE (RUS), FD Persoonlijk, Knack Weekend (BE), LINDA., Luxury Magazine (US), LXRY (NL), as well as different commercial clients (Bijenkorf, Biodermal, Bol, By1oak, Creenstone, Hunkemöller, Keune, Montblanc, Philips, Secrid, Schiphol, Schoonenberg, WE, Wehkamp, Yaya). She also worked on moving images for commercials (Philips, Wehkamp, Schoonenberg) and on a short film (Henosis) for pianist/composer Joep Beving. Apart from being a stylist Astrid loves to work on new concepts as a creative consultant and has a lot of experience in producing fashion stories in which casting, location scouting and making moodboards is involved.

Astrid enjoyed working with a great number of photographers which include: Andy Tan, Anne Dokter, Anne Timmer, Carin Verbruggen, Carmen Kemmink, Chris Philippo, Dirk Kikstra, Eric van den Elsen, Fleur Bult, Freudenthal/Verhagen, Hans van Brakel, Inga Powilleit, Jan & Jorre, Jasper Abels,  Jeroen W. Mantel, Jouke Bos, Justine Tjallinks, Klaas-Jan Kliphuis, Kris de Smedt, Martien Mulder, Marijke Aerden, Meis.Jip, Mick de Lint, Miep Jukkema, Pablo Delfos, Paul Bellaart, Petrovsky & Ramone, Stephan Vanfleteren, Stephanie Pistel, Philip Riches, Philippe Vogelenzang, Rahi Rezvani, Robin de Puy, Tim Verhallen, Thirza Schaap, VanMossevelde+N, Violaine Chapallaz, Wendelien Daan &  Zoltán Tombor.


photo by Anne Timmer

picture by Anne Timmer